Water Pump Grease

By Neil E. Wojciechowski


A strange thing is on the side of my water pump...it looks like....like.... a grease fitting..... YES it is a grease fitting. So I looked in the owners manual and sure enough there it was "Lubricate with water pump grease. WATER PUMP GREASE!!!.....I screamed out loud....I never heard of such a thing.

If that sounds familiar to the owners of early MoPars you are in luck. There is such a thing as water pump grease and YES it is different than chassis grease and using the wrong grease will effect the longevity of the water pump. The good news is water pump grease is still being made. Only one company still makes it, LUBRIPLATE LUBRICANTS, a Division of Fiske Brothers Refining Company ( www.Lubriplate.com). It is their Grease 110. It is a water resistant high temperature water pump grease made to lubricate water pumps. Now you say that is ridiculous because there are no more cars being made that takes grease in the water pumps. To that you are right, but it is still made to lubricate the many water pumps which supply water to everything from irrigation to fighting fires. So contact LUBRIPLATE LUBRICANTS and pick yourself up some water pump grease and give that old pump a shot of grease, it will thank you for it in a long life.